They say blood is thicker than water. This is something the guys in The Band of Brothers knows.
Founded by the brothers Robin, Mats and Johan Eriksson in 2012 and completed with Karl-Ola Kjellholm in 2014, the band started playing covers at some of the biggest clubs in the nordic with around 50 gigs per year.

The band has always had a thing for rock n’ roll which is the style of music the members has a passion for and is something that reflects on their live-performance. Pure and raw energy with songs sounding the way that it would sound if The Who and Foo Fighters had a baby.

They’ve always wanted to write music together but had their own bands and projects on the side of The Band of Brothers and haven’t found the time to write. The craving for writing together grew stronger and they knew they had to try it.
Said and done – The Band of Brothers started to write their own music and after only a few hours they had their first song.
The song they wrote is of course the first single and perfect reflection of The Band of Brothers passion – ”Stand up For Rock n’ Roll” which they will be releasing during the first half of 2018.

The Band of Brothers will continue playing cover shows cause they love playing live and having fun to much to quit it.
The band has existed since 2012, yet now in 2017 the story about The Band of Brothers is just beginning.